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Our 600-hour barber program is a shorter and more focused training program compared to our typical full-length barber program. It is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to become a licensed barber. This program covers essential aspects of barbering, including hair cutting and styling, shaving, beard and mustache grooming, sanitation and safety practices, and basic client communication


Career Options

While not as comprehensive as longer programs, our 600-hour program still offers hands-on training and classroom instruction to prepare students for the state licensing exam. Graduates of this program can expect to be proficient in the core skills required for entry-level positions in the field of barbering. The program may be more suitable for individuals who want to enter the workforce quickly or focus on specific areas of barbering. In Florida, a restricted barber license limits the range of services you can perform compared to a full barber license. While the options for working independently are limited, these are some of the job opportunities that allow you to apply your barbering skills and knowledge within the guidelines of a restricted license. Some potential jobs and roles you can pursue with this credential include:


Master Barber

Program (900 Hours)
    • Restricted Barber

      As the name suggests, you can work as a restricted barber under the supervision of a Master Barber, offering a range of services such as haircuts, shampooing, beard and mustache grooming, and other services permitted within your license.

    • Retail Sales Representative

      Work in stores or shops that specialize in barbering and grooming products. You can help customers select the right tools, products, and accessories for their grooming needs. Your knowledge of barbering can be an asset in this role.

    • Barber Product Demonstrator

      Represent grooming product brands at trade shows, events, or in-store demonstrations. Showcasing and explaining how to use specific products effectively to customers can be part of the job.

    • Customer Service Representative for Barbering Brands

      Join the customer service team of a company that manufactures or distributes barbering products. You can assist customers with inquiries, product recommendations, and support for technical or usage questions.

    • Sales Consultant for Barbering Schools

      Work with barbering schools and institutions to help them source and procure the necessary equipment and products for their students. Your knowledge of barbering tools and products can be valuable in this role.

    • Barbershop or Salon Manager

      While you may not be able to perform all services yourself with a restricted license, you can manage the daily operations of a barbershop or salon, including scheduling, inventory management, and staff coordination.

    • Brand Ambassador for Barbering Brands

      Represent barbering and grooming brands, attending events, and promoting their products. Your expertise and passion for the industry can be used to build brand awareness.

    • Online Content Creator

      Use your knowledge to create video tutorials, blog posts, or social media content focused on barbering techniques, product reviews, and grooming tips. You can monetize your content through advertising, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing

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Restricted vs Master Barber Program

The restricted barber program focuses on fundamental barbering skills, such as basic haircuts and grooming services. Graduates of restricted barber programs obtain a limited barbering license, which restricts them to performing basic services. Restricted barber program graduates may find employment in entry-level positions at barber shops or salons and may choose to pursue further education to become master barbers in the future.

The master barber program typically offers a more extensive curriculum, covering advanced haircutting techniques, styling, and specialized services like hair coloring and chemical treatments. Completing a master barber program qualifies students for a higher-level barbering license, allowing them to perform a wider range of services. Graduates of master barber programs have a broader skill set and may pursue careers in high-end salons, barber shops, or even open their own businesses.

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Join Our Restricted Barber Program

Remember that the specific job opportunities may vary depending on your location, the demand for barbers in your area, and your personal interests and specialties within the field. Additionally, continuing education and staying updated with industry trends can open up even more opportunities in the evolving world of barbering.

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