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Our 900-hour master barber program is an advanced and comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the advanced skills and knowledge required to become a licensed master barber. This program includes a wide range of topics and hands-on training, covering various aspects of barbering such as hair cutting and styling, beard and mustache grooming, skin care, and client communication.
Throughout the 9 months, students will gain expertise in advanced cutting techniques, use of specialized tools and equipment, sanitation and safety practices, business management, and more. The program also focuses on developing the artistry and creativity needed to excel in this field.


Career Options

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates are typically eligible to take the state licensing exam, which, when passed, allows them to work as master barbers and potentially open their own barber shops or salons. This program duration and curriculum represents an in-depth training that goes beyond the basics of barbering. A Master Barber License opens up several exciting career opportunities in the field of barbering and grooming. Some potential jobs and roles you can pursue with this credential include:

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Master Barber

Program (900 Hours)
  • Master Barber

    As the name suggests, you can work as a master barber, offering a range of advanced grooming services to clients. This can include haircuts, shaves, beard trims, and more. Master barbers are often sought after for their expertise and precision.

  • Barbershop Owner

    With a Master Barber License, you can start your own barbershop or salon. This allows you to be your own boss, set your own hours, and build a loyal client base.

  • Educator/Trainer

    You can become an instructor at a barber school, teaching the next generation of barbers the skills and techniques they need to succeed in the industry.

  • Barbering Competition Judge

    If you’re passionate about the artistry of barbering, you can become a judge in barbering competitions, evaluating the work of other barbers.

  • Barber Supply Sales Representative

    Work for companies that supply barbering equipment and products. Your expertise as a master barber can be valuable in educating others about the tools and products they need.

  • Barbering Product Developer

    Use your knowledge to create your own line of barbering products, from grooming tools to hair care products.

  • Film and TV Set Barber

    Work on film and television productions to style hair and facial hair for actors and actresses.

  • Specialty Barber

    Focus on a particular niche within barbering, such as styling for weddings or special events, vintage and classic barbering, or grooming for individuals with specific needs, like people with curly hair or unique styles.

  • Mobile Barber

    Offer your services as a mobile barber, visiting clients at their homes, offices, or events.

  • Brand Ambassador

    Partner with grooming and barbering brands to promote their products and services, often leveraging your expertise and social media presence.

  • Barber Consultant

    Provide consulting services to barbershops and salons to help improve their business operations, customer service, and quality of services.

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Restricted vs Master Barber Program

The restricted barber program focuses on fundamental barbering skills, such as basic haircuts and grooming services. Graduates of restricted barber programs obtain a limited barbering license, which restricts them to performing basic services. Restricted barber program graduates may find employment in entry-level positions at barber shops or salons and may choose to pursue further education to become master barbers in the future.

The master barber program typically offers a more extensive curriculum, covering advanced haircutting techniques, styling, and specialized services like hair coloring and chemical treatments. Completing a master barber program qualifies students for a higher-level barbering license, allowing them to perform a wider range of services. Graduates of master barber programs have a broader skill set and may pursue careers in high-end salons, barber shops, or even open their own businesses.

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Join Our Master Barber Program

Remember that the specific job opportunities may vary depending on your location, the demand for barbers in your area, and your personal interests and specialties within the field. Additionally, continuing education and staying updated with industry trends can open up even more opportunities in the evolving world of barbering.

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