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Cosmo To Barber Program

(300 Hours / 12 weeks / 3 months)

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Become a Cosmo To Barber

This program is ideal for licensed cosmetologists looking to transition into barbering, a perfect fit for those interested in a ‘cosmo to barber’ career path. As cosmetologists are already trained in various hair and beauty aspects, our ‘Cosmo to Barber’ crossover program focuses specifically on barbering skills, such as mastering a straight razor for shaving. It acknowledges the students’ prior cosmetology experience, enabling them to complete this ‘cosmo to barber’ course in a shorter timeframe than those new to hair care

Cosmo to Barber

What's Covered?

Our “Cosmo to Barber” program is designed for licensed cosmetologists seeking to expand their skills and transition into the field of barbering. This program typically spans 300 hours and is tailored to provide cosmetologists with the specialized training and knowledge required to become licensed barbers. Some potential jobs and roles you can pursue with this credential include:

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Master Barber

Program (900 Hours)
  • Barbering Techniques

    In-depth instruction on barber-specific techniques, such as clipper cutting, fading, and beard trimming, which may differ from the skills acquired during cosmetology training.

  • Men’s Grooming

    Focus on mastering the art of men’s haircuts and grooming, including classic and contemporary styles.

  • Shaving Skills

    Detailed training in straight razor shaving, which is a fundamental skill for barbers.

  • Clipper Maintenance

    Learning to maintain and use clippers and other barbering tools effectively.

  • Sanitation and Hygiene

    Understanding and implementing the strict sanitation and safety standards required in barbering.

  • Customer Communication

    Enhancing communication and consultation skills specifically for male clientele.

  • State Licensing Requirements

    Preparation for the state barber licensing exam, which often includes both written and practical components.

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Join Our Cosmo To Barber Program

This program allows licensed cosmetologists to expand their career options, serve a broader client base, and potentially work in both cosmetology and barbering settings. Upon successful completion of the program and the state licensing exam, graduates are typically eligible to work as licensed barbers and offer a wider range of grooming services, including those for barbering clients.

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