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Master Barber Program

(900 Hours / 36 Weeks / 9 Months)

A Master Barber program is designed to train students to become expert barbers. These programs often include advanced techniques in haircutting, styling, shaving, and facial treatments. They also cover topics such as salon management, customer service, and sometimes state laws and regulations pertaining to barbering. A Master Barber program is usually aimed at individuals who have completed basic barbering courses and want to elevate their skills to the highest level in the profession. It can take several months to over a year to complete, depending on the structure of the program and whether the student attends full-time or part-time.

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barber cutting hair at barber school

Our Barber School

Restricted Barber Program

(600 Hours / 24 weeks / 6 months)

A Restricted Barber program may refer to a more limited scope of training compared to a full barber program. It might focus on certain aspects of barbering, such as haircutting and styling, without delving into other practices such as shaving or chemical services. The exact definition of "restricted" can depend on local regulations and industry standards. This program could be suitable for individuals who are looking to enter the field more quickly or who are interested in offering a limited range of services.

Our Barber School

Cosmo To Barber Program

(300 Hours / 12 weeks / 3 months)

This type of program is designed for licensed cosmetologists who wish to expand their skill set to include barbering. Since cosmetologists are already trained in many aspects of hair and beauty, a "Cosmo to Barber" crossover program typically focuses on the skills that are unique to barbering, such as using a straight razor for shaving. The program would account for the students' prior knowledge and training, allowing them to complete the course in a shorter timeframe than someone who has no background in hair care.

barber apply facial spray on guys face


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